MagTek MICRImage™ Check Scanner

Using the check image scanner is absolutely the fastest and most accurate way for CDM+ users to enter contributions!

Speed up data entry in the CDM+ Contributions program
and eliminate the need to photocopy checks. The new
Check Image Scanner provides a picture of each check.

  • Automatically scan check images for your records during contributions entry. Scanning time is minimal so it won’t slow you down.
  • Speeds up CDM+ contributions entry by looking up the Giving Unit and entering the check number, leaving you only the amount to enter
  • View, scan or import check images to existing contributions records
  • Save check images to a file
  • Easily retrieve a copy of a check at any time
  • Print a check listing report either in a one-page-per-check format or 8 checks per page
  • Compatible with Windows and Macintosh
  • Does NOT create a deposit file to send to your bank

Using the Check Image Scanner

  • When you enter a new contribution during CDM+ contributions entry, a window appears asking you to scan a check.
  • Run the check through the scanner and an image of the check will display on your screen.
  • Using the checking account number, CDM+ automatically finds the Giving Unit and enters the check number.
  • Simply enter the amount (which you can read on the check image), adjust the contribution breakdown, if necessary, and click Save!

Sample Check Listing Report