How Much Does CDM+ 9.3 Cost?

How Much Does the CDM+ 9.3 Upgrade Cost?

CDM+ 9.3 is free via download to all users enrolled in the annual CDM+ Premier Support program at the time of installation. In fact, as a benefit of the Premier Support, all upgrades and updates to CDM+ are free via download if installed while currently enrolled.

How Do I Know If We're Enrolled in Premier Support?

Call 877-891-4236 Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-6:00 pm Eastern time, and someone will be happy to look up your record.

Visitation and Pastoral Records access in CDM+ Mobile

Viewing/Adding Visitation and Pastoral Records using CDM+ Mobile

Wouldn't it be great to enter Visitation or Pastoral notes right after you leave the hospital or the person's home? With the latest update to the CDM+ Mobile app, you don't have to wait to get back to the office and hope you remember all the details correctly! Use your smart phone to add new records or view existing ones.

Monthly Calendar Tool

Now part of the Basic Web Ministry Toolkit . . .

The Monthly Calendar Tool

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Visitors to your website will quickly see what's happening month by month!
Complements the existing Event Listing Tool. Basic Web Ministry Toolkit and CDM+ Roommate program required.

CDM+ Mobile Check-In/Check-Out

Check-In/Check-Out using the CDM+ Mobile app

The Check-In and Check-Out features of the CDM+ Mobile app are available for both Android™ and Apple® iOS devices. It requires enrollment in the CDM+ Data Hosting Service and the latest release of CDM+. Click here to see CDM+ Mobile system requirements. Call CDM+ Sales at 877-891-4236 for more information.

Note: Camera required on device to scan barcodes.

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CDM+ Mobile for Android

The CDM+ Mobile app for Android™ devices was added to the existing Apple iOS CDM+ Mobile app on December 10, 2013. It requires enrollment in the CDM+ Data Hosting Service and CDM+ 9.2 or later. Click here to see CDM+ Mobile system requirements. Call CDM+ Sales at 877-891-4236 for more information.

CDM+ Mobile on an Android™ Phone

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Other Important Features of CDM+ 9.3

Other Important Features of CDM+ 9.3

Master Coding System

The Master Coding System window has been completely overhauled to provide a more stable and modern experience.

Integrity Checks

The CDM+ database will now ensure only valid data is entered. When types or sets are updated or deleted, those changes will be reflected immediately on all related records. Working with the Master Coding System is snappier and updating/deleting records has predicable results.

CDM+ 9.3 Top New Features

Top New Features in CDM+ 9.3

Expanded Term Support

Enhanced term support provides for additional personalization of CDM+ to fit your ministry or organizational focus. For example, the Other Information tab can be renamed to better describe your use of the information you manage.

Payroll Enhancements in CDM+ 9.3

New Features in CDM+ 9.3 Payroll

Some of the most significant enhancements in CDM+ 9.2 (released 11/20/13) were in the Payroll program. Ever since that time we've partnered with an electronic tax forms company, Aatrix, to provide all federal and state tax forms. This service assures that CDM+ Payroll users would always generate correct tax reports on the federal and state level.

Continuing our successful partnership with Aatrix, CDM+ 9.3 allows users to e-file 1099s from either CDM+ Payroll or from CDM+ Accounting.