2011 Users Conference - We're headed to Indy!

We're Headed to Indy for the 2011 Annual Users Conference!

Sheraton at Keystone at the Crossing • Indianapolis, IN • Oct. 3-5, 2011

There’s a good reason long-time Annual Users Conference attendees often ask when we’re taking our premier training event back to Indianapolis. Indy is ideally located for a large percentage of our users and is exceptionally easy to get to for everyone else. Plus, there’s just so much to do there!

CDM+ 9.0 and the 2011 Payroll Tax Holiday

Federal Payroll “Tax Holiday” for 2011

A federal payroll “tax holiday” for 2011 was enacted into law on December 17, 2010. This tax break affects the employee’s portion of FICA, reducing it from 6.2% to 4.2%, while the employer’s share remains at 6.2%. Detailed information of the implications to employers can be found at the IRS website at http://www.irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=232590,00.html?portlet=7. This shift in FICA calculations will require a significant change in the CDM+ Payroll program.

What Does CDM+ 9.0 Cost?

What Does CDM+ 9.0 Cost?

CDM+ 9.0 is a free upgrade via download for all users currently enrolled in either the free 90-days-from-date-of-purchase support for new CDM+ purchases or the annual CDM+ Premier Support plan. CDM+ 9.0 is available for purchase for those not on support OR you may enroll in support. The cost of the upgrade varies for those not on support and is based on programs owned and user licenses. Contact the CDM+ Sales Department (877-891-4236 or sales@cdmplus.com) for more information.

CDM+ 9.x Conversion Time

CDM+ 8.1.x to CDM+ 9.x Conversion Time

Upgrading from some earlier versions of CDM+ (CDM+ Pro 8.1.x and CDM+ 8.1.x) to CDM+ 9.x will require a conversion of your data from one database server (OpenBase) to another (Postgres). CDM+ 9.x will perform this function automatically but it will take some time to process your records. As a part of the setup assistant in v9.x you will be prompted to select which data files you wish to convert. If you have multiple databases, you have the option to convert all of them in one session or to do them individually.