About PosgreSQL

About PostgreSQL

Postgres was created in 1986 and has been Open Source software since 1996. That means there is a large community of users and developers. The software developers who support and enhance Postgres are dedicated to excellence. Update releases are frequent, but full support for years of previous versions is available. Postgres runs under Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Why Upgrade to CDM+ 9.0?

Why Upgrade to CDM+ 9.0? For the Features!

Speed, Speed, Speed

During our development of CDM+ 9.0 we continue to look for ways to speed up reports, functions and data entry. As we identify areas that need to be reworked we will apply the tools available to us to deliver them to our users. The chart below reflects some of the areas in CDM+ that have benefited from this development. The results are from speed tests conducted on the same database in CDM+ 8.1.2 and CDM+ 9.0.

Instructions for Joining a Group Online Class

Instructions for Joining a Group Online Class

PLEASE NOTE! All class times listed are Eastern time (our time zone). If you are in a Time Zone other than Eastern, be sure to make the necessary subtraction of hours from the class start time. For example, if you live in Chicago (Central time zone) the class starts 1 hour earlier than the time shown above.