04/21/10 How-to: Contacting CDM+ Support

Contacting CDM+ Support

The primary means of getting CDM+ technical support is to phone our toll-free Support line (see below). Users who have purchased CDM+ within the last 90 days or are currently enrolled in the annual Premier Support program have unlimited free calls. Other CDM+ users may also call the support line but need to have a credit/debit card ready to pay the $55/support issue fee. (No charge if the issue is a CDM+ bug.) Or you can choose to enroll in Premier Support at that time

04/21/10 Lead Article: User Resources - Where To Go When You Need to Know!

User Resources – Where To Go When You Need to Know!

“Where do I go to order checks that work with CDM+?” “Will CDM+ be compatible with our new computer?” “How do I register for Group Online Training?”

The CDM+ technical support team hears these same questions a lot. While they’re always happy to talk to you or respond to your support emails, there’s a much faster way to get answers to these and many other commonly-asked questions—go to www.cdmplus.com and click the User Resources tab.

2010 Users Conference

13th Annual Users Conference in Review . . .

"World Class" CDM+ Training Event a Grand Success!

Just a month before Suran 2010, our conference site of Lexington, Kentucky was the focus of worldwide attention as host of the World Equestrian Games. However, when we gathered there November 1-3 for our 13th Annual Users Conference, the focus was definitely on "World Class Training."