04/21/10 How-to: Contacting CDM+ Support

Contacting CDM+ Support

The primary means of getting CDM+ technical support is to phone our toll-free Support line (see below). Users who have purchased CDM+ within the last 90 days or are currently enrolled in the annual Premier Support program have unlimited free calls. Other CDM+ users may also call the support line but need to have a credit/debit card ready to pay the $55/support issue fee. (No charge if the issue is a CDM+ bug.) Or you can choose to enroll in Premier Support at that time

04/21/10 Lead Article: User Resources - Where To Go When You Need to Know!

User Resources – Where To Go When You Need to Know!

“Where do I go to order checks that work with CDM+?” “Will CDM+ be compatible with our new computer?” “How do I register for Group Online Training?”

The CDM+ technical support team hears these same questions a lot. While they’re always happy to talk to you or respond to your support emails, there’s a much faster way to get answers to these and many other commonly-asked questions—go to www.cdmplus.com and click the User Resources tab.

2010 Users Conference

13th Annual Users Conference in Review . . .

"World Class" CDM+ Training Event a Grand Success!

Just a month before Suran 2010, our conference site of Lexington, Kentucky was the focus of worldwide attention as host of the World Equestrian Games. However, when we gathered there November 1-3 for our 13th Annual Users Conference, the focus was definitely on "World Class Training."

03/05/10 In the News: CDM+ Web Ministry Tools Featured in CCMag

CDM+ Web Ministry Tools in Christian Computing Magazine

For over two decades Christian Computing magazine, or CCMag as it’s commonly known, has delivered technology news to the church market. We thought you’d like to know that CCMag chose CDM+ and our Web Ministry Tools as the lead article in its February 2010 issue. Editor Steve Hewitt prefaces his interview with CDM+ president Randy Clay with this observation:

03/05/10 Lead article: Online Giving with CDM+ is available now!

Online Giving – Available Now in CDM+!

Suran Systems, Inc is excited to announce the release of an online giving solution that ties directly into CDM+. The Giving Tool is our most recent addition to an expanding complement of tools offered through the CDM+ Web Ministry Tools technology. Web Ministry Tools create points of contact between your church’s website and the information in CDM+.