03/05/10 In the News: CDM+ Web Ministry Tools Featured in CCMag

CDM+ Web Ministry Tools in Christian Computing Magazine

For over two decades Christian Computing magazine, or CCMag as it’s commonly known, has delivered technology news to the church market. We thought you’d like to know that CCMag chose CDM+ and our Web Ministry Tools as the lead article in its February 2010 issue. Editor Steve Hewitt prefaces his interview with CDM+ president Randy Clay with this observation:

03/05/10 Lead article: Online Giving with CDM+ is available now!

Online Giving – Available Now in CDM+!

Suran Systems, Inc is excited to announce the release of an online giving solution that ties directly into CDM+. The Giving Tool is our most recent addition to an expanding complement of tools offered through the CDM+ Web Ministry Tools technology. Web Ministry Tools create points of contact between your church’s website and the information in CDM+.

02/01/10 Q&A: How do I print a Giving Statement for just one giver? sharman Fri, 01/29/2010 - 19:21


How do I print a Giving Statement for just one giver?


It’s that time of year again! You have mailed all of your statements, and one person needs another one printed. How do you do that? Well, it’s very easy. You open the Giving Statement report and set it up as if you were going to print your statements, then enter the Giver’s Code in the ‘To’ and ‘From’ boxes under the Current Code area of the setup window.

02/01/10 Lead article: Haiti Relief – Use CDM+ to help donors comply with IRS guidelines

Haiti Relief –

Use CDM+ to help donors comply with IRS guidelines

We have all been touched by the impact of the January 12th earthquake in Haiti. The devastation is horrific and, even in the current economic climate, people across all walks of life have opened their pocketbooks to help however they can.

11/25/08 Time saver: Pulling Out a Window

Pulling Out a Window

One of the core features in CDM+ is the record frame window, such as Address Records, Individual Records and Employee Information. Many times these windows will have all the information about a particular record—an individual, for example—split across multiple tabs. You can click each tab to see the information it contains, such as Photos or Groups, but did you know CDM+ lets you see multiple tabs at once?