12/10/08 Lead article: Have you seen what Enhanced Notices can do for you?

Have you seen what Enhanced Notices can do for you?

December 10, 2008

First Church

123 N. Poplar St.

Big City, KY 12345

We are honored and pleased to serve the church management software needs of First
Church, Big City, KY
. CDM+ continues to grow to meet the changing needs of its users,
and we recently released several new products—including Enhanced Notices, a
powerful word processor added to all your CDM+ notices.

12/23/08 Q&A: How do I make a backup in CDM+?


How do I make a backup in CDM+?


One of the most critical and often omitted tasks in using CDM+ is keeping good backups of your data. Backups become a lifeline to months and sometimes years of work when catastrophe strikes.

You should make a backup of your data anytime you do a large amount of work in CDM+. If, for example, you enter contributions and attendance for the weekend on Monday, make a backup when you’re finished.

12/23/08 Lead article: Check-In/Check-Out Not Just for Nurseries


Versatility of CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out Has Users Thinking Outside Their Nurseries

CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out was released this summer as a tool to add security to childcare and bring accuracy and simplicity to tracking attendance. Since the program’s numerous options allow users to match Check-In/Check-Out with their ministry, we were curious to see exactly how CDM+ users would implement this product.

01/21/09 Time saver: Using the Keyboard to Change Records

Using the Keyboard to Change Records

Switching between a mouse and keyboard is time-consuming, so CDM+ offers keyboard equivalents for many commands. Let’s say you have a list of changes to make in address records. Here’s how to make them without using your mouse.

Begin by clicking Show All in Address Records. Click the Last Name column header to sort this list by last name and set your mouse to the side. Time to put those fingers to work.

01/21/09 Lead article: Web Ministry Tools Does the Work for You

Web Ministry Tools Does the Work for You

Since 1985, CDM+ has helped thousands of church offices to manage the business of the church. Each week, you open CDM+ and enter contributions, schedule events, track changes to your congregation and handle enrollment for events and classes. Putting all this information into CDM+ helps you to be better organized and informed about what’s going on in the life of your church.