06/03/09 Lead article: Discover the Freedom of Remote Access to CDM+

Discover the Freedom of Remote Access to CDM+

In today’s world of laptop computers and ever more sophisticated mobile devices, we get information and communicate in ways that were once seen only in sci-fi or spy movies. Just 10 years ago only about 25% of all people in the world had access to the Internet; today 80% are connected. How often do you perform some type of online financial transaction, whether it is to check an account balance or pay a bill?

06/17/09 Lead article: No Worry Remote Access

No Worry Remote Access

In the last issue of The CDM+ Connection we argued that in this age of on-demand, online information, your office staff and leadership should have access to the church’s information even when not in the church office. Our challenge has been how to provide remote online access to CDM+ data without sacrificing the power, flexibility and strength of a desktop application.

07/09/09 Lead article: Track Your Church Pulse! (Keep track of the volunteers at the heart of your ministries)

Track Your Church Pulse by Tracking Volunteers

Volunteers are at the “heart” of most of the ministries of your church. Their combined talents and efforts result in many of the “inreach” and “outreach” contacts and services to prospects, guests and members of your church. It would not be an overstatement to call their collective efforts the “pulse” of your church ministry. Would you be interested in tracking—putting a quantifying number—on their collective efforts?