09/02/09 Lead article: Automatic Backups & CDM+

Automatic Backups & CDM+

Automated backup systems have been used in office environments for years. No doubt many of you already use some form of automatic backup to protect your valuable documents and other data. These programs back up data to a server or other type of external hard drive (maybe even to a site on the Internet) on a preset schedule. They are very convenient and provide office staff with the confidence and security that important information can be recovered in the wake of a computer problem.

09/16/09 Time saver: Setting the Startup Window in CDM+

Setting the Startup Window in CDM+

After logging in to CDM+, you will see a Welcome to CDM+ window by default. This window, which is also accessible via the Support menu, provides a convenient way to access various programs in CDM+ and discover new features. If, however, you’d like CDM+ to take you directly to another window when opening, it’s a simple preference change to make this happen.

09/16/09 Q&A: How do I get barcodes to print on mailing labels or envelopes?


How do I get barcodes to print on mailing labels or envelopes?

I check the Barcode box on the Label/Envelopes report setup window, but they don't print.


The short answer is—have your addresses CASS certified. CDM+ 8.1.2 will print barcodes only on addresses that have a current (not expired) CASS certification because without the certification, a barcode is incomplete and therefore wrong. An incomplete barcode may actually slow down your mail!

09/16/09 Lead article: Customized CDM+ Training

Customized CDM+ Training

Perhaps you have just opened your church office toolbox—CDM+—for the first time and scanned the Welcome window. You’re amazed at the variety of ministry tools available but are unsure where to begin. Or, maybe you have used CDM+ for years and know it’s time to go to the next level. Or you’ve been handed an accounting or payroll mess to straighten out. Where do you turn for assistance?