10/01/08 Q&A: How do I add email addresses to a Yearbook Directory?


How do I add email addresses to my Yearbook Directory?


Ultimately, adding email addresses to your Yearbook Directory only takes two extra steps:

  1. You need to add the Other Phones field to the design grid, and
  2. Select the email types you want to display.

Let’s start from the beginning: Open a Year-book Directory and select the format under the Standard tab and click the Edit button.

10/01/08 Lead article: Introducing the CDM+ Connection

Allow us to introduce you . . .

Welcome to the new CDM+ Connection e-newsletter. Some of you may remember The CDM+ Connection from a few years ago when it was printed and mailed to you. While the name is the same, much has changed about the publication. For starters, it’s now only published electronically. For those of you who prefer to read a hard copy, it is designed for easy printing. Publishing The CDM+ Connection as an e-newsletter means we can bring you up-to-date information and tips about CDM+ more frequently.

Web Ministry Tools

You know that your church website has the potential to help you expand your ministry far beyond the boundaries of a physical location. Keeping the information on the website up-to-date can be a challenge, however—unless you have CDM+ Web Ministry Tools.