How Data Hosting Works

CDM+ Data Hosting

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You can download and install the CDM+ program from our website on to any supported computer.
Then enter a user ID and password to configure CDM+ to use the CDM+ Hosting service.

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CDM+ will automatically connect to your database and you can get to work!


One of the main purposes of church management system is to help a church honor the stewardship of its people, and CDM+ Contributions gives you powerful, yet easy-to-use, tools to help you do just that. The next time someone needs an up-to-date giving statement, just say, "What would you like that to include?" and then produce it—instantly!


All other CDM+ programs access information in the Membership database. Membership is where you maintain records for members, visitors and anyone else you wish to include, but it is much more than keeping track of names, addresses and phone numbers. CDM+ Membership puts the power of information at your fingertips.