Updating CDM+ 9.2

Upgrading from CDM+ 9.2

All CDM+ 9.2 users, regardless of their Premier Support program enrollment status, are entitled to upgrade to CDM+ 9.3 no extra charge.

Note: CDM+ 9.2 and later require a current Premier Support enrollment in order to use CDM+ Payroll. Call us at 877-891-4236 to enroll in CDM+ support.

Upgrade to CDM+ 9.3 on any one computer running CDM+ 9.2

  1. Log into CDM+ 9.2.


ONLY CDM+ 9.2 is upgraded to CDM+ 9.3 via the CDM+ Web Update function or network update.

Any version prior to 9.2.x must be downloaded & installed on ALL computers running CDM+. This upgrade will not be triggered by the automatic Web Update feature in CDM+ 9.1 or earlier.

What version of CDM+ are you running?

Click the the version you own for details on upgrading to CDM+ 9.3.

Community Life Groups

Community Life Groups

Information about Community Life Groups in general.

Click Learn More to view a description of the group. Click Log In to Sign Up to register for a group. If you have a user name and password for our church website, use that information to log in. Otherwise, you will have a chance to create a user name and password.

You must disable popup blockers before beginning.

Payroll Enhancements in CDM+ 9.2

New Features in CDM+ 9.2 Payroll

Some of the most significant enhancements in CDM+ 9.2 are in the Payroll program. We have partnered with an electronic tax forms company, Aatrix, to provide all federal and state tax forms. This service assures that you will always generate the correct tax reports on the federal and state level. In addition, CDM+ 9.2 Payroll allows you to e-file your W-2 and W-3 forms free of charge and, for an additional cost, you have the option to have printed forms mailed to your employees for you.