Other Important Features of CDM+ 9.3

Other Important Features of CDM+ 9.3

Master Coding System

The Master Coding System window has been completely overhauled to provide a more stable and modern experience.

Integrity Checks

The CDM+ database will now ensure only valid data is entered. When types or sets are updated or deleted, those changes will be reflected immediately on all related records. Working with the Master Coding System is snappier and updating/deleting records has predicable results.

Payroll Enhancements in CDM+ 9.3

New Features in CDM+ 9.3 Payroll

Some of the most significant enhancements in CDM+ 9.2 (released 11/20/13) were in the Payroll program. Ever since that time we've partnered with an electronic tax forms company, Aatrix, to provide all federal and state tax forms. This service assures that CDM+ Payroll users would always generate correct tax reports on the federal and state level.

Continuing our successful partnership with Aatrix, CDM+ 9.3 allows users to e-file 1099s from either CDM+ Payroll or from CDM+ Accounting.