How Much Does CDM+ 9.2 Cost?

How Much Does the CDM+ 9.2 Upgrade Cost?

CDM+ 9.2 is free via download to all users enrolled in the annual CDM+ Premier Support program at the time of installation. In fact, as a benefit of the Premier Support, all upgrades and updates to CDM+ are free via download if installed while currently enrolled.

How Do I Know If We're Enrolled in Premier Support?

Call 877-891-4236 Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-6:00 pm Eastern time, and someone will be happy to look up your record.

What Is the Process to Upgrade to CDM+ 9.2?

What Is the Process to Upgrade to CDM+ 9.2?

When we notify you that CDM+ 9.2 has been released:

  • Check to be sure you meet the system requirements for CDM+ 9.2
  • Go to and look for CDM+ 9.2
  • Click on "Current Version (CDM+ 9.2rX)"
  • Note where on your computer downloads are stored
  • Find "Downloads:" at the top right of the page, and click on either "Mac OS X" or "Windows" to download the CDM+ 9.2 insta

Other Important Features of CDM+ 9.2

Other Important Features of CDM+ 9.2

  • A third address line exists throughout CDM+

  • Many enhancements in CDM+ Contributions, including: a rich text editor on Contribution Receipts, new Contribution analysis reports, an updated Contributions search interface, expanded Memorial Giving reports, and support for a check image scanner on Mac OS®

  • Pastoral and Visitation tabs on Address and Individual records in CDM+ Membership

  • Flagging of cancelled Event Registration entries

CDM+ 9.2

CDM+ 9.2 adds many important features to CDM+ itself (your desktop/laptop version), as well as support for exciting developments in the CDM+ Mobile app and Web Ministry Tools. CDM+ 9.2 was released November 20, 2013. Enhancements to CDM+ Mobile and Web Ministry Tools followed.