2013 Users Conference

Left: Randy Clay welcomes attendees at Monday's Opening Session. Center: Nashville's Pinnacle building and Hard Rock Café as seen on the "Discover Nashville" tour. Right: Relaxing after a delicious breakfast (the table is empty only because the friendly hotel staff very promptly cleared plates!)

Suran 2013 – Another Conference Makes History!

Our 2013 CDM+ Users Conference is past, but the skills, the knowledge, the memories and the friendships remain!

API test

Vacation Bible School 2112

Preview link for VBS 2112 tool. This is good for testing the tool before making it live and also may be used for live tools that only a few individuals need to use (email the individuals the link). Tool never has to be on your website, BUT tool will always show the red Web Ministry Tool site header and footer.


Link bypasses the launcher and goes straight to the attendee entry screen: