Online Event Registration

Giving should be easy, not cumbersome. In a time when banking and paying bills online has become commonplace and people write fewer and fewer checks, it makes sense to offer your congregation the convenience of donating to your ministry online, too. You can do that with the Online Giving Toolkit, one of the premium toolkits in our suite of CDM+ Web Ministry Tools.

What Do I Need for CDM+ Online Giving?

What Do I Need to Use CDM+ Online Giving?

• The CDM+ Online Giving Toolkit

The four-in-one Online Giving Toolkit is available from CDM+ at a cost of $21.95/month (with discounts available if you subscribe to other Web Ministry Toolkits). The Online Giving Toolkit includes Engage Giving, Giving WMT, Giving API, and Giver Portal. Other available Web Ministry Toolkits are:

  • the Basic Toolkit—Engage member portal and 6 other tools for one inclusive fee
  • the Single Event Registration Toolkit

The Givers Portal

The Givers Portal

With the Givers Portal, members of your church family can:

  • create (and change) at any time their own recurring gifts

    Givers can create for themselves recurring contributions to any funds you make available and at any schedule.
    For instance, Mary Smith may set up autodraws from her checking account to give $50 weekly to the General Fund and $100 monthly to the Building Fund, and $200 autodraw from her savings account annually on her late mother’s birthday to the Memorial Fund.