The Giving Tool

The Giving Tool is one of three tools in the Online Giving Toolkit. It allows one-time online gifts, although each gift may be split among as many of your giving funds as you choose to make available during setup of the tool. Because a Giving Tool does not store the giver's payment information, the giver must enter payment information each time he or she gives through the tool.

Since anyone can give through a Giving Tool without logging in or being in your church's database, the Giving Tool is an ideal choice for memorial funds, for donations to crisis relief and for other giving situations in which you might expect donors to be from outside your church family.

See a Giving Tool in action.

The Giving Tool API

The API version of the Giving Tool allows you to create forms that flow seamlessly with your website instead of occurring in popup windows. Because the API version of the Giving Tool requires knowledge of server-side programming language, it's not for every CDM+ user. Those with access to the expertise, however, can have complete control over the design of their giving tools. There is no extra cost for the Giving Tool API. Please call 800-633-9581 during normal support hours if you would like to discuss the Giving Tool API. Normal support hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 6:00 pm Eastern time.

Like the regular Giving Tool, the Giving Tool API is for single immediate gifts and by default does not require the giver to log in.

See a Giving Tool API in action.