What Do I Need to Use CDM+ Online Giving?

• The CDM+ Online Giving Toolkit

The four-in-one Online Giving Toolkit is available from CDM+ at a cost of $21.95/month (with discounts available if you subscribe to other Web Ministry Toolkits). The Online Giving Toolkit includes Engage Giving, Giving WMT, Giving API, and Giver Portal. Other available Web Ministry Toolkits are:

  • the Basic Toolkit—Engage member portal and 6 other tools for one inclusive fee
  • the Single Event Registration Toolkit

• CDM+ Contributions

The Online Giving Toolkit automatically enters online gifts into CDM+ Contributions. The Givers Portal can be set up to allow givers to view gifts from all sources for a 12-month period. This history is maintained in your CDM+ Contributions database. Engage Giving can also be used to allow givers to view a 12-month giving history, which requires CDM+ Membership in addition to CDM+ Contributions.

• Your Database Accessible to the Internet

The CDM+ Data Hosting service is also required for all CDM+ Web Ministry Tools. The monthly cost of Data Hosting depends on the number of CDM+ programs and user licenses you own. For example, a church or ministry with three programs and two simultaneous user licenses would pay $26.95/month for data hosting. There is also a one-time data hosting setup fee of $75. Learn more about Data Hosting Service.

• A Payment Account with Stewardship Technology

For secure credit/debit card and ACH withdrawal processing, CDM+/Suran Systems partners with Stewardship Technology, a faith-based company serving only churches, charities and private schools. Stewardship Technology charges a one-time setup fee of $99 and $20/month to use their services. There is also a per-transaction fee, which differs according to the type of payment your donor chooses. In general, Stewardship Technology's fees are very reasonable compared with those of other merchant account providers.

For more detailed information about accepting online donations through CDM+ Online Giving, please contact our Sales Department at 877-891-4236.