Go to Suran User Login window

  1. Open your browser and go to engage.suran.com/user
  2. Enter Credentials from the previous training (How to Create a Suran User Account)
  3. Click Sign In

suran user login window


Suran User Engage Portal - Relationships

Shows a listing of all of the contacts we have for Matt's church in our system.

suran user engage portal relationships


Suran User Engage Portal - Address

Shows the organization's address we have in our records.

suran user portal address


Suran User Engage Portal - Phone

Shows a list of the phone numbers we have for Matt Robertson in our system.

suran user portal phones


Suran User Engage Portal - Emails

Shows a list of the emails we have for Matt Robertson in our system.

Now that we have looked at the information displayed on this page, lets look at what we can do with this information. First, let's look at Address. There is an 'Edit' link in the bottom righthand corner of the card. Click 'Edit'.

suran user portal emails


Change Address Information

This opens the card to allow the address to be modified.

change address information in suran user portal


Update the organization's address

All of the fields on the Address Card can be modified. We are going to change the address to 12098 Mockingbird Lane. We are going to leave the city and state the same and update the zip code to 37919. When done, we click 'Update'.

update organization address in suran user portal


Now the organization's address is updated in our records.

Next we are going to look at the Phone and Email cards. As we said, these cards display the phones and emails we have on file for Matt. Here we can update, delete or add phones and emails. We will look at phones first, click 'Edit' beside the first phone number.

updated address in suran user portal


The Phone Number can be changed or deleted.

When the card opens, you are given the option to update or delete the phone number.

In addition, you have the option to add a phone number, by clicking 'Add Phone'.

change or delete phone numbers


Email Cards

As with phone numbers, you can add, change or delete emails. In our example, we clicked on the 'Add Email' and now have the ability to (1) select an Email type, (2) enter a new email address (3) add it by clicking 'Add'.

email cards


We are not going to keep this address, so we are going to click 'Delete'.

delete email address


Final Words

We have learned that the Suran User Portal displays the organization's contacts and address we have in our system. It also displays the phone numbers and email addresses that we have for Matt Robertson (our example contact). Finally, the Suran User Portal gives you the ability to access Suran User Registration. Here you can view and register for Events that Suran has open. You can get to these Events by going to the Menu option in the upper right of the page.

We will look at Suran User Registration in the next module.

suran user portal final words