What are Ranked Groups?

Ranked Groups is a quick way to rearrange the order of names within a group. You can move any name to any position in the group without constraint.



It's easy to create a Ranked Group

1. Put a check in the 'Ranked Group' checkbox in Master Coding System window.


2. Open List Maintenance to your group and click and drag a name wherever in the list you want.


3. Save.

That's it! Now your group is sorted the way you want.

Early Adopter Release Available

This new feature is available in the current Early Adopter Release so turn on the Early Adopter Channel in System Preferences under General → Web Update. Then, go to File → Update and you will see the latest CDM+ 11 Early Adopter release.


2019 Annual Users Conference


This years Annual Users Conference is going to be big. We will showcase Ranked Groups and all the new features of CDM+ 11 during this years Annual Users Conference. We don't want you to miss it!

Click the link below to register today! 
CDM+ Users Conference 2019 +

Ranked Groups is a new feature in CDM+ 11 — coming this Fall!