searching groups

Staying in contact with group members in Engage just got easier and faster! 

You love how Engage gives your members convenient access to connect with the members of all their groups. Now they can search across ALL of their groups or just within a SPECIFIC group.


Searching Across All Groups

  • Log into Engage
  • Go to My Groups.
  • Enter the name you wish to find in the search field, then
  • Click Search.



Engage displays the names of everyone that matches your search.




Searching Within Specific Group

  • Select the Group
  • Begin typing the name of the person in the search field

Engage will now display results as you type!



Try Searching for Individuals in your Engage. This new feature is available now!

2019 Annual Users Conference



This year's Users Conference is going to be big. We will showcase all the new features in Engage during this year's Annual Users Conference so don't miss it!

To register, click the link below:

2019 CDM+ Annual Users Conference