Core Programs Main Features

There are six core programs available in CDM+: Membership/Attendance, ContributionsFund Accounting/Payroll, Event Registration, Roommate Calendar & Facilities Manager, and Check-In/Check-Out. Each can stand alone or be used in combination with one or more of the other options. 

Traditional CDM+ is licensed for either Windows® or Macintosh® computers, or you can license your suite for both operating systems for a one-time cost of $125 regardless of suite configuration. The CDM+ Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) monthly fee includes licensing for both Mac and Windows. Traditional CDM+ includes a license for a single user login. CDM+ SAAS includes a license for 3 simultaneous user logins. Additional user licenses are available for purchase if you need to have more people actively working in your CDM+ database at the same time.

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Please note! The list below of the main features in core CDM+ programs is just a sampling of the hundreds of features and reports found in CDM+.

CDM+ Membership/Attendance

  • Enter an unlimited number of individuals, families, and households
  • Unlimited user fields let you customize CDM+ to your ministry
  • Easily manage different last names in the same family or household
  • Track and understand extended relationships between members, visitors, staff, donors, and more
  • Send professional looking emails and letters directly from the program
  • Track member and visitor attendance
  • Integrate visitor follow-up
  • Create member directories to print or publish online
  • Permission-based access secures your members' information

CDM+ Contributions

  • Seamless posting of contributions given in person or online
  • Divide a single gift between multiple funds
  • Integrated online giving*
  • Track special offerings, memorial gifts, and designated giving
  • Easily compare actual giving to pledges/estimates
  • Simple tracking of giving trends by givers and funds
  • Mail or email giving statements for any period
  • Print individual, personalized receipts
  • Powerful analysis of giving patterns based on demographic data
  • Shorten administrative time by adding an optional check scanner or reader

Fund Accounting & Payroll

  • Comprehensive fund accounting manages general ledger, payroll, payables, receivables, budgets, unrestricted and restricted funds, fixed assets, multiple campuses -- all in one place
  • Customizable to fit your reporting needs
  • Setup payroll in minutes
  • Easily and electronically file state and federal tax forms
  • Give your staff the convenience of payroll direct deposit*
  • Continuously updated tax tables ensure correct withholdings
  • Seamless integration with online giving and contributions*
  • Integrates with other programs like Numbers and Microsoft Excel

Check In/Check Out

  • Enhance safety by authorizing and viewing photos of who may check individuals in and out
  • Know who's where on your campus
  • Perform Check In/Check Out using smart devices, including phones and tablets*
  • Scan barcodes to speed up the check-in/check-out process
  • Update member contact information
  • Print name badges and check-out authorizations upon arrival
  • Enable self check-in for older children and adults

Event Registration

  • Maximize efficiency for events of any size, locations, duration and cost
  • Membership information integrates directly with registration
  • Track enrollment and payments
  • Customize fees and offer discounts
  • Quickly generate letter or email confirmations, even automatically generate emails to online registrants*
  • Easily print customized name badges, detailed or summary reports, and mailing labels
  • Guests can register and pay online, avoiding mistakes by entering their own contact information

Roommate Calendar/Facilities Manager

  • Avoid conflicts and over-booking when adding new events and activities
  • View scheduling for one room, selected rooms, or all rooms
  • Define and assign a variety of room setups
  • Easily communicate setup needs to staff and volunteers
  • Keep a dynamic church calendar and upcoming event schedule on your web site*
  • Track resource use and manage a detailed inventory

* Some features require use of CDM+ Web Integration or Data Hosting.