11/25/08 Time saver: Pulling Out a Window

Pulling Out a Window

One of the core features in CDM+ is the record frame window, such as Address Records, Individual Records and Employee Information. Many times these windows will have all the information about a particular record—an individual, for example—split across multiple tabs. You can click each tab to see the information it contains, such as Photos or Groups, but did you know CDM+ lets you see multiple tabs at once?

01/21/09 Time saver: Using the Keyboard to Change Records

Using the Keyboard to Change Records

Switching between a mouse and keyboard is time-consuming, so CDM+ offers keyboard equivalents for many commands. Let’s say you have a list of changes to make in address records. Here’s how to make them without using your mouse.

Begin by clicking Show All in Address Records. Click the Last Name column header to sort this list by last name and set your mouse to the side. Time to put those fingers to work.