update available on computer screen


You sit down at your computer ready to get some serious work done and you see an update available. You stare at the screen wondering what you should do. Should I update or do I wait? The program is working well enough for me, do I really need to update? We have all had this experience. But should we keep our software updated? This article will give you 5 reasons you should update your software.

It will keep your computer more secure

Older software is at risk of security issues. A software program with security holes can cause terrible things to happen to your computer. Updating your software with the latest security patches will keep your computer more secure and will mean less downtime for your staff. Keep your software updated because the newer software is typically more secure!

It will squash bugs

No piece of software is perfect. Bugs are inevitable, so software vendors work hard to address bugs. Updates are a key method they use to send these fixes to their users. By keeping your software updated, you ensure that staff have the latest fixes and can work more efficiently because they do not have to find workarounds to get their work done.

It will make staff more productive

New applications become more streamlined and easier to use with each release. This enhances the productivity of staff and many see it as a sign that the organization wants to make their job easier and help them succeed. Isn't a software update an easy step to help boost morale?

It will provide new features

Software updates are not just about fixing stuff. Developers are always working to improve the functionality of their software. They conjure up the next line of features as they release the current version. You don't want to miss out on these new features. They have developed them to help you get more done.

It will prepare you for the future

Many times software updates are stepping stones to new features. As developers look to add new features, they find that new technology will be necessary so they will update the software with this new technology. Keeping your software updated ensures that you stay current on the core technology and are ready for what the developer has in store for future updates.