CDM+ 9.1. is a release that truly breaks new ground—both in the features it adds right now and in what it makes possible in the near future. New features in CDM+ 9.1 that you can enjoy now include improved notice organization, a new saved report interface, family multi check-in for Check-In/Check-Out, an enhanced network updater, and support for the new Givers Portal Web Tool. The new Givers Portal provides for recurring online contributions and secure online access to one's own giving record.

Here's another "WOW" feature that CDM+ 9.1 makes possible—CDM+ Mobile! Currently only available for iPads and iPhones; a version of the CDM+ Mobile app for Android devices is coming soon.


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Notice Organizer

Notices in CDM+ Pro-level programs now can be grouped in categories, duplicated and have access rights assigned to them.

Multi Family Check-In and Event Sets

This upgrade to CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out can be a big time-saver for families with children on Sunday morning! CDM+ 9.1 allows an entire family to check into any set of events (such as Sunday School classes) and generate unique labels for each family member in a single self check-in session.

Saved Reports

A new interface on reports throughout CDM+ allows you to easily save and load multiple report settings for any report, including search and formatting options -- perfect for that report the board needs each month!

Support for Improved Event Registration Web Ministry Tool

CDM+ 9.1 is required for users of the Single Event Registration Tool. We've "redesigned the Designer" for easier use, a more accurate preview, and best of all... speed! Other Web Ministry Tools will get similar enhancements by the end of 2011.

Improved Updating of CDM+

With CDM+ 9.1, network/web updating are enhanced to make the process smoother, faster and more reliable.

Speed Enhancements

Many speed enhancements throughout CDM+ 9.1 mean you'll get your work done quicker and out the door faster.
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Giving Solution Web Ministry Toolkit

A new Givers Portal Tool, which allows people to set up their own recurring giving online and securely view online a listing of their giving for the previous 12 months, joins the current Single Gift Tool to make up a new Giving Solution Toolkit.*
What does the Giving Solution Toolkit cost?

CDM+ Mobile

You've been asking for it and the new CDM+ app for mobile devices is here! Currently available only for iPads and iPhones, the CDM+ app gives you real-time access to membership information and mobile attendance entry. Coming soon will be mobile check-in and support for Android tablets and smart phones.
How do I get CDM+ Mobile?

*Note: You must own CDM+ Contributions Pro to use the Giving Solution Web Ministry Toolkit.