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When you think of Vacation Bible School, what comes to mind? Do you remember the fun activities you did with your friends or the crafts you made and vowed to keep forever? Personally, I do not have memories of VBS as a child because I never went to a Vacation Bible School. However, as an adult, I have had the privilege of volunteering in VBS. These are the times I remember. I recall the faces of the kids who clung to me as we walked from activity to activity. These kids were craving love. They wanted connection. This is what VBS is about. So we need to ensure that staff and volunteers have the proper time.

In order to keep staff and volunteers free to connect, churches need to be organized and ready for all the children that will rush into their facilities. Kids will come from inside and outside your church, so it is important that you are ready to gather the right information, be aware of any special needs, and have a way to contact their parents or guardian if needed. This process, if not prepared for, can take precious time away from the people you want connecting with the kids. 

What should you consider when developing your VBS information strategy? You need to decide about:

  • the type data you need on each child.
  • a simple and accessible registration method
  • the tools staff and volunteers will need to track daily attendance
  • how staff and volunteers get information to ensure the safety of their children (e.g. kids with food allergies or other special needs)
  • what information you will need for follow-up after VBS

A major part of addressing these questions is how your church management system can facilitate the process. The proper church management system will help you gather and manage all the data you collect. It should provide simple and convenient ways of collecting and using the data. Today, most everyone carries a smartphone. Your church management system should use this platform. It should allow staff to use their phones to check children in and out to reduce the chaos that can ensue when it is time for children to come or go. 

CDM+ provides the system to handle these needs.

  • It has an online registration tool that allows churches to collect all the information they need from parents at any time. 
  • It uses today’s mobile technology to help smooth out the check-in and checkout process. 
  • It provides a centralized method of registering children if it needs to be done on-site. 
  • It manages all the information you have collected and provides the follow-up tools to stay connected with the children and their parents.

So, a good church management system will allow staff and volunteers to focus on connecting with the children and spend less time collecting data. And that is what the week of VBS is all about.

If you want to learn how CDM+ can help you manage your VBS information, please contact us:

Email: sales@cdmplus.com

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