What's New in CDM+ 11.0


  • Ensure a user is an administrator before installing Aatrix and fail gracefully if they're not
  • Support the 64-bit forms viewer on macOS


  • Allow directly entering chart of accounts with a period character
  • Expose the Quarterly Comparison report as a standard report
  • Hide inactive assets from the Bank Rec list of assets
  • Only allow closing periods through today
  • Prevent creating ledger entries using an inactive account
  • When finding a chart of account by number, look for an exact match first
  • When typing in a number to select a chart of account, ignore inactive accounts

Accounts Payable

  • Allow accruing multiple invoices for the Invoice record frame

Accounts Receivable

  • Ability to email Accounts Receivable Statements
  • Ability to link Customer Records to Individuals
  • Ability to process AR Payments from Deposit Processing
  • Ability to search customer lookup by customer name
  • Ability to set a start date for recurring Accounts Receivable invoices
  • Add a message option to Accounts Receivable Statements
  • Add a source to Accounts Receivable payments
  • Add credit balances to the Aging Invoice reports
  • Add Groups to Customer Records
  • Add the Show Invoice Detail option to the Statements report
  • Add User Fields to Customer Records
  • Change Pay Types Field in Payment Summary to be a Check List All Select Smart Field
  • Delete the Reset AR Statements special function
  • Expose the ledger reference number on Accounts Receivable Invoices
  • Linked Individuals field on customers
  • Make exact match on customer codes standard
  • Prevent creating Accounts Receivable Invoices and Payments on a date where a statement exists
  • Prevent creating recurring invoices for inactive customers
  • Redesign Accounts Receivable Invoice Records Invoice Tab
  • Redesign Accounts Receivable Payment Records Payments Tab
  • Remove the quantity and cost from the detail statement report if 0 or 1
  • Rename the Payments tab on Accounts Receivable Payment Records to Payment
  • Roommate Billing
  • Update Customer Individual tab to use a URL style button to add/remove individuals
  • When adding the first Recurring Invoice on Customer Records set the current field to account number


  • Ability to edit notice ownership from Administration
  • Change the terminology used when disconnecting a user from the logged-in user window

Audit Logs

  • Log all activity to a common audit trail

Chart of Accounts

  • Hide inactive accounts in the multiple account selector


  • Add Check-In records as a related record for Check-In Check-Out Events


  • Enhance giving statement, AR Invoice, and AR Statement emailing to use in-memory PDFs
  • Enhance the source find field for Giving Units to be a list
  • Reload event lists on contributions windows when events change
  • The URL for the Canadian Revenue Agency needs to be changed on the Canadian Tax Receipt
  • Update the Giving Funds report to be responsive
  • Upgrade the Batches report to be responsive

Custom Listing

  • Ability to turn off line numbers on the Custom Listing Columns format
  • Omit the Totals line when subtotaling the custom listing if no columns can be totaled

DOC Regional Ministry Positions

  • Ability to jump to a search committee member from Ministry Position Records

Database Browser

  • Allow dragging multiple backups on to Database Browser to restore them
  • Log deleting a database


  • Remove the text and button about Pro and Standard features from the Demo Setup

Direct Deposit

  • Include the employee names in the description for direct deposit posting entries

Event Registration

  • Add grade to the Event Registration Master List Detail
  • Add related record finds to Event Records
  • Allow entering long event descriptions


  • Add type-to-search to the code drop list for criteria
  • Upgrade the find field list


  • Ability to add groups as available columns to Customer Custom Listing and Export
  • Ability to find on Customer Groups
  • Group Ranking field


  • Bump version 11 macOS installer requirements to High Sierra
  • Notarize the macOS installer


  • Enhance the message when there no interest to generate to be more specific
  • Sort the generate interest report alphabetically by name


  • Replace ledger toolbar buttons on Accounting Toolbar with a separate Ledger Toolbar


  • Add a cancel button to the window showing logged-in users during a database update
  • Remove the version and build number from Login window title
  • Rotating login images

Master Coding System

  • Migrate the Payment Types code type to the "All" module.
  • Ranked groups


  • Ability to rename Mileage and Number on Visitation records
  • Export and custom listings for Pastoral Records
  • Export and custom listings for Visitation Records


  • Move the accounting sub-menus to the parent menu
  • Rename Contributions Maintenance Records to Contribution Records
  • Standardize report menus


  • Ability to select and delete multiple notices at once from the outbox
  • Ability to sort by name and email on Sent Notice Recipients
  • When deleting emails from the outbox, delete all un-sent recipients instead


  • Allow changing the payer link, state, allowances, and marital status on payroll paid by direct deposit
  • Download tax manager updates from the server instead of the client
  • Enhance the Calculation tab on Deduction Setup Records to always load existing tax tables for the deduction
  • Update Missouri Tax Calculations to eliminate Federal Withholding Allowance after 2019
  • Verify the email address format on Payer Records


  • Allow users to save after clearing the cache when the dates are not filled out
  • Optimize opening preferences

Record Frame

  • Ability to hide tabs on record frames
  • Ability to re-order tabs on record frames
  • Add a common info tab to all record frames
  • Add Tab Settings to Record Frame Options
  • Clicking Configure should display options in the window
  • Default record frame printing to selected record(s)
  • Display the grid inside the record frame window
  • Move the configure options to all be a record frame preference
  • Optimize opening record frames
  • Standardize all record window window names to be [Record Description] Records
  • Update the look and feel of the tabs on the record frame


  • Add a Regional Welcome window
  • Add Regional to the program welcome menu and General toolbar
  • Move regional features to their toolbar
  • Move regional items to their own menu
  • Move the Church and Regional system preferences to the Regional tab

Report Frame

  • Add an spreadsheet app destination
  • Change "Custom Listing" to "Columns" on Custom Listing/Export reports
  • Merge Custom Listing and Export Reports


  • Ability to add customer name and code to the event inspector
  • Ability to generate Accounts Receivable invoices for Roommate events
  • Ability to link a customer to an event
  • Ability to press select an event on the Schedule and press the delete key to delete it
  • Add a configuration column to the Event Custom Listing
  • Add a preference to set the sort on the event schedule
  • Add a Resources column to the Event Custom Listing
  • Add an Events tab to Customer Records
  • Add customer data to Event Custom Listing
  • Add room numbers to the rooms list when adding an event
  • Add styling options to elements on the schedule display
  • Add the invoice number and a jump button to the Billing tab on Events
  • Disable changing fields on the billing tab after generating an invoice
  • Events for Period field on customers
  • Function/Field manager field to list all the rooms for a roommate event
  • Migrate billing date to notes
  • Migrate the Event Listing report to the Event Custom Listing
  • Remove payments from Roommate Events
  • Remove the billing date from events
  • Use the user-defined format for events on the day view

Sales Orders

  • Ability to link Sales Orders to customers
  • Add a default filter for active Inventory Items
  • Add a jump button to the customer lookup field
  • Add a Welcome window for Sales Order
  • Add Sales Orders to the program launcher and general toolbar
  • Add the customer's balance to the customer lookup on Sales Orders
  • After saving a sales order prompt to print a sales order report for the new record
  • Default to a flat discount for inventory items with no price
  • Link Sales Orders to Giving Units as a customization
  • Sales Orders default Order date to current date
  • Set the amount for the default sales order payment line to the order total

Search and Call Flagging

  • Provide Flagged Minister Custom Listing

Search and Call Regional

  • Create default filter for Ministry Position to exclude completed searches

Setup Assistant

  • Use the modern database naming convention when creating new databases

Suran Omnis Framework

  • Enhance the headed list box smart field to show a large Add button when there are no records displayed
  • Port the Reset fgSequence special function to a postgresql function
  • Reformatting phone numbers should be fast on a remote connection
  • The SQL helper on the SQL Command Line doesn't built schema-qualified table names


  • Migrate terms for customers to standard Terms system
  • Update the Gift area of Administration > Users so the terminology is more consistent with DonorWorks


  • Prefer web update downloads from the download site over embedded updates
  • When updating a database log its current build number and version

User Fields

  • Read user fields with read-only access
  • Report errors reading user fields
  • Sort user fields by their type


  • Replace the Log tab in Utilities with a button to reveal the current log file on disk
  • Sort the SQL helped by schema.table name