We invite CDM+ users to take advantage of any or all of our training opportunities.

Regional Training Events

Regional training events are especially useful to bring a new person up to speed quickly when the annual conference is still several months away. Training is classroom style with participants watching CDM+ on a large screen as our trainer covers a set course of material related to the core CDM+ programs. With regularly scheduled seminars rotating around the country, you can often find one within a few hours drive. Make sure we have your current email address so you'll be notified when there's a Regional Training Event coming to your area.

Annual CDM+ Users Conference

This is the best of the best ... a customizable CDM+ training experience in a distraction-free environment. The Annual Users Conference is 2 1/2 days of classes covering every aspect of using and managing your CDM+ database. Plus, the conference offers panel discussions, a fully-equipped computer lab, a host of networking opportunities, and your chance to meet with Suran developers and tech support staff for an insider's view of all that CDM+ has to offer. Learn more about the 2018 CDM+ Users Conference.

Group Online Training

These free half-hour-long, pre-defined live webinars provide a convenient, economical way to train on a single CDM+ topic. Check our list of upcoming classes and register for just the classes you need. A broadband Internet connection is required, and group size is limited. Learn more.

Onsite Training Visits

Because every church or organization is different, sometimes a unique situation merits the highly personalized one-on-one attention of an onsite visit. In this setting, trainers work directly with your staff, your agenda, and your data. Specific strategies of how to meet your particular needs can be fully discussed in this type of training. Interested? Download the inquiry form as a PDF (includes cost estimator). 

Individual Online Training

Individualized Online Training allows you and the CDM+ trainer to work with your data and specific needs. You and the trainer determine the subject matter to be covered in a pre-training consultation. As with Group Online Training, a broadband Internet connection and a phone line are required. The cost for Individualized Online Training is $85/hour. Contact our Training Department at 800-633-9581 or training@suran.com to schedule a session.

Training Videos

These training videos are available whenever you need them. They don't replace more extensive training, but they do cover some of the most common issues encountered by new users. Plus, taken together, they provide a good glimpse into CDM+ as a whole.