CDM+ aligns the unique strengths of technology with the human strengths of your organization

The right tools for the job, integrated into a powerful software suite.

The Advantages of Integration

CDM+ aligns the unique strengths of each technology with the human strengths of your organization. The key is data integration.

  • CDM+ Engage, our easy-to-use, mobile optimized and data integrated portal offers a familiar, online experience and is built for your many guests and members to make financial transactions, connect with fellow members, sign up for events, and more. 
  • CDM+ Desktop gives your staff robust database software for rapid data entry, rich reporting, and powerful queries using a refined interface influenced by thousands of clients.
  • CDM+ Mobile is optimized for fast, purpose-built data access and entry for staff and leaders anytime, anywhere. Mobile also excels as an affordable and convenient kiosk for Check-In and attendance entry with no syncing required.

Cloud Computing

CDM+ Desktop is a full-class cloud application, securely accessing data hosted offsite from any internet-connected computer.

  • Our seamless automatic update system ensures every client is on the correct version with minimal downtime.
  • The rich interface of a desktop application provides focused, rapid data manipulation in a dedicated app.
  • Hosted, off-site data makes upgrading computers and working from home worry-free.
  • A common cloud database ensures updates from all platforms are instantly shared.

Licenses and Deployment

CDM+ licenses apply to concurrent use of the desktop application only, offering great value for any size organization.

  • CDM+ Engage automatically scales to handle virtually any number of users accessing the site.
  • Install CDM+ Mobile on as many devices as you need without worrying about cost.
  • Install CDM+ Desktop wherever it’s needed—licenses only affect concurrent use.
  • When it’s time to grow, adding new desktop licenses is easy with flat user pricing and instant activation.

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