Mobile For Small Groups

Connect to the big picture.

Empower Group Leaders

CDM+ Mobile gives small group leaders convenient mobile tools to help make informed decisions and connect group activity to the big picture.

Custom Setup

Create personal, customized setups for every group leader.

Secure Group Access

Grant or restrict access to sensitive information on unlimited mobile devices.

Bring your Own Device

Group leaders save money by using their own personal device.

“The CDM+ Mobile app is fantastic. I can do everything I can do on my desktop while I am away from the office. They hit it out of the park with this one!”

Dan Pruett

Meridian United Methodist Church

Mobile Features & Functions

Take Attendance

Whether you’re gathering at the church, in a coffee shop, online, or anywhere you might meet, CDM+ Mobile makestaking  attendance quick and easy.

Attendance records are filed instantly to your CDM+ database with a simple tap.

Group Member Profiles

Create a convenient catalog of easy to search member skills and interests to call upon at a moment’s notice.

Information updated on mobile is instantly updated within the CDM+ Membership database.

Photo Gallery

Build a live online photo gallery of members with CDM+ Mobile. Photos are saved instantly to CDM+ and Engage. No syncing.

An always current photo gallery can help grow community connections.

Group Emails & Texts

Compose and communicate with small groups members directly on your CDM+ Mobile app.

Create a small group communication history archive. Emails sent from CDM+ Mobile are automatically saved with an indivduals’ communication history.

Built To Connect

CDM+ Mobile is optimized for fast, purpose-built data access to help connect members, leaders, and staff through a unified platform and built into every CDM+ Plan at no extra cost.

Find a CDM+ plan that fits your needs and get connected!

Discover What's Possible

Mobilize your staff and volunteers with CDM+ Mobile.

Download CDM+ Mobile

CDM+ Mobile is free to try!  Download the app and take a test drive through our demo database.