Cloud Services

CDM+ is built to connect.

Build it in the Cloud

CDM+ is an integrated software family built on a robust cloud services solution developed and maintained by Suran Systems, Inc. A common cloud database ensures updates from all platforms are instantly shared.

Safe and secure

All hosting facilities offer redundant power, connectivity, and 24/7/365 on-site monitoring and security controls.

Close To Home

5 cloud services hosting facilities ensure your data is geographically optimized for performance:

  • Atlanta, USA

  • Milwaukee, USA

  • Las Vegas, USA

  • Frankfurt, Germany

  • Cape Town, South Africa

map of the world in red showing hosting locations

Cloud Features & Functions

North American Clients

Data for North American clients are hosted on servers owned and managed by Suran.

Overseas Clients

Overseas clients are hosted with top-tier shared cloud providers.

Enterprise Grade Hosting

The servers we own are co-located in enterprise-grade hosting facilities.


Clients hosting facilities are chosen for geographical proximity.

Data Backups

Data is redundantly backed up and backups hosted in a separate facility.


The majority of hosting facilities are SOC-2 certified, and remote access is limited to Suran staff using best practice security controls.

Email Services

SMTP email delivery services included to ensure reliable and successful delivery.

Data Migration

You own your data and can request a data dump at any time (fees may apply).

API Integration

Use API to build your own integration into the CDM+ Software Suite.

Contact us for details.

Get Started

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