Engage People

CDM+ Online Membership Directory

An online membership directory connecting your congregation

Connect and grow your church community with Engage People, our live, online directory connected to CDM+ Membership. Engage offers your congregation easy access to member photos, groups, and profiles from any mobile device.

Member Profiles

Access an easy-to-use, mobile optimized portal for member updated photos and information.

Member Groups

Give group members an easy and secure place to share information with other group members.

Member Communication

Create an environment of easy and open communication between members and staff.

An online community hub your members can update and grow

Give your members the power to update and manage their own information.

Always Up-To-Date Photos

Something as simple as a member photo can help open important communication with current members and help new members feel like part of the family.

Connecting and sharing

Encouraging communication through shared interests creates connections that help build small groups and make member’s ministry experiences more personal and relevant.

More Features & Functions


Members can update personal information including phone number, email, address, groups, interests, and more.

Individuals can update their personal photo.

View family member profiles living at the same address.


Share group meeting date, time, and locations.

View other member within the group.

Give group members easy access to member contact information for easier group communication.


Call group members on your mobile device.

Send emails to other group members.

Discover What's Possible

Connect and grow your community online with Engage.

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