Facilities Manager

CDM+ Roommate is all-in-one event calendar, contact, and resource management software for any size church facility

“Knowing who is doing what where has become particularly crucial to maintaining health and safety. CDM+ Roommate helps us do that by coordinating both virtual and in-person events in one calendar with all the details we need for our staff. It makes it easier for all of us to be safe and keep our facilities clean.”

Emma Richter

Westminster Presbyterian Church

See the big picture

Manage facilities with convenient features and detailed tracking

CDM+ Roommate Facilities Manager gives you the features and functions you need to get the most from your church facilities.

    • Locate valuable facility resources
    • Communicate room schedules or availability
    • Update information at a moments notice


    Track every room, entire buildings, schedules, vehicles, and more. Manage your assets in a manner that works for you.


    Record configurations for multi-purposes spaces to provide church staff with detailed setup instructions.

    Alerts and inventory

    You’ll never run out of chairs or double-book a room again with conflict detection and management.

    Stay informed

    Online calendars make it easy

    CDM+ Roommate help prevent overbooking and overlapping schedules with at-a-glance online calendars. Every update or addition to facility calendars are instantly updated in your CDM+ database.


    Create generalized calendars for the entire church or crafted specifically for a particular department, such as a volunteer schedule.

    Publish and Print

    Print beautiful calendars from the online version to include in newsletters or publish around your facility.

    Streamline invoice processing

    Online billing make it easier

    With CDM+ Facilities Manager and CDM+ Accounting working together, you’ll see faster returns on invoiced accounts.

    The seamless integration of CDM+ software makes it possible for your staff to offer convenient online invoices with comprehensive customer tracking.

    Online Payments

    Customers can then log into CDM+ Engage Billing to view invoices and make payments, all without double work.

    Track and Invoice

    Track prices and customers on events in Roommate, then post invoices for those events to Accounts Receivable.

    More features and functions

    Discover what’s possible with CDM+ Roommate


    Unlimited rooms track physical spaces, vehicles, personal schedules, and more.

    Record numbers, locations, abbreviations, physical dimensions, and maximum occupancy.

    Color-code rooms for easy grouping.

    Create discrete configurations for each room to specify furniture and seating arrangements

    Easily adjust configurations for occupancy.

    Use connections to link your rooms to other CDM+ records, such as noting the individual for a specific office.


    Unlimited events and calendars.

    Events can use any combination of rooms, resources, and contacts.

    Supports day-long and multi-day events.

    Can record different time usage for specific rooms during the event.

    Include extra time for event setup and take down.

    Mark events to specific departments for filtering and reporting.

    Can set the system to just warn of or to prevent event conflicts.


    Unlimited resources tracking.

    Track purchase date, value, serial numbers, manuals, warranty information and more.

    Automatically assign resources to be used by events in the resource’s default location.

    Track church facilities resource quantity, including consumables.

    Automatically receive a notification when using resources will over-schedule them.

    Connect resources to other records, such as vendors for re-ordering.


    Store independent contacts for events, such as wedding planners and vendors.

    Connect contacts to other CDM+ records, such as vendors or individuals.

    Easily add contacts on-the-fly when creating an event.


    Create an unlimited number of calendars mixing specific rooms and/or departments.

    Calendars are color-coded by room and highly-customizable.

    Unlimited online calendars update instantly with data changes—no publishing required.


    Set the costs for every events and link to directly to your customers in Accounts Receivable.

    Post invoices for events directly to Accounts Receivable and offer online payments in Engage Billing.

    View a customer’s events directly from Customer Records.

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