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CDM+ church management software streamlines online reporting to the Church of God International and State Offices

“We started using CDM+ regional software 22 years ago and it has been a tremendous asset to our office ever since. I highly recommend CDM+ to any church or regional office for all things church related.”

Teressa Purvis

Dir. of Finance and Records, South Georgia Church of God State Office

Church of God Treasurer Reporting

Streamline and automate

With CDM+ it’s easier than ever to submit your Church of God Treasurer Report. Enter attendance and contributions into your CDM+ database and automate your Treasurer Report submission to the Church of God International and State offices.

Automatic Direct Deposit

You can even set up automatic direct deposit payments to the State office

church of god monthly report

Accounting and Payroll

Save time and money

CDM+ is robust, integrated fund accounting and payroll software built for faith-based organizations. Easily load a database with a Church Of God chart of accounts to make daily work and reporting easier.

Track designated income or report on budgeted expenses.

Report wages in box 1 of the W-2 while also exempting Federal tax withholding. Include tax-exempt allowances in box 14 of the W-2.

Clergy Payroll Integration

Move your church payroll in-house to avoid per-employee fees from a payroll service and process payroll easier than ever with integrated CDM+ Payroll

Online & Text Giving

Connect your contributions

Provide a 24/7 anytime, anywhere Online Giving portal for your members and guests. Quickly and easily create a one-time gift, recurring gift, or Text Gift from any mobile device.

Quickly set up giving funds for memorials or relief.

Both online and in-person gifts are saved together in CDM+ Contributions with no extra importing required. From there, gifts flow directly to your Treasurer Report.

Online Giving History

Your givers can quickly and easily review their giving history online, including cash and checks, at any time

church of god online giving

Mobile Attendance

Integrated and easy

Whether you’re gathering at the church, in a restaurant, online, or anywhere you might meet, CDM+ Mobile makes attendance gathering quick and easy.

Easy ATtendance Reporting

With a simple tap, all attendance records are instantly filed to your CDM+ database, then on to your Treasurer Report

Online Directory

Connect your community

Start connecting your members with easy access to a live, integrated Online Church Directory. Share interests, skills, contact information, photos, and connect names with faces.

Give your small groups a safe place to share information with other group members and connect to the big picture.

Member managed Details

Members can update and manage their own information, and updates are saved instantly into CDM+

desktop video of CDM+ Engage member directory
customer service

We’re Here To Help

Friendly and experienced support

We believe that easy access to support and training is essential. The CDM+ support team is passionate about providing patient, knowledgable assistance when you need it.

Complimentary training is included with every CDM+ Plan. We also have over-the-phone, online, and in-person training options for every CDM+ program and feature. 

Online Resources

Online documentation and video instruction is also available 24/7 in the Suran Help Center and on our Youtube channel

Built for your ministry

CDM+ is the recommend software for Church of God ministries. Our integrated software suite makes it easier than ever to connect to the online reporting system at the Church of God International and State Offices.

Download the Church of God PDF below.

Plans and Prices

Flexible options for every size church.

CDM+ church management software is designed with integrated solutions for every size church or budget. We want it to be easy for you to choose a software plan with a price that fits your exact needs.

We even have a special GROW plan for smaller churches on a limited budget.

We'll move your data for free and provide introductory training

Included With Every Plan

Data Hosting

Anytime, anywhere access to your information. Automatic data backups. 24/7 security.

CDM+ Mobile

The mobile tools you need to update, track and share information with unlimited devices.


Easy-to-use, mobile optimized tools for online giving, member directories and much more.

Premier Support

We’re here for you! Our support team is dedicated to resolving every issue that might arise.

Software Updates

Get the latest CDM+ product features and enhancements at no extra cost.

No Contract

No contract. No hidden fees. If your situation changes, you can cancel anytime.

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