Mobile For Child Care

Keep children safe with customizable mobile tools

“The transition to CDM Mobile for Check-In Check-Out was a great decision. With family supervision, the kids check themselves in and enjoy using the iPads to print out a name tag. Children love it and want to Check-In!”

Erin Soza
Director of Children’s Ministries, St. Paul’s UMC

Providing peace of mind

Mobile for Child Care

The CDM+ Mobile app equips your child care staff with convenient tools that help to provide the security and personal care your members expect. 

The CDM+ Mobile app is a free download and included at no extra charge with CDM+ Cloud and all SAAS Plans.

Customize Your Setup

Create tailored setups for everyone on your church or non-profit staff. You’re in control.

Manage Unlimited Devices

Grant or restrict secure access on unlimited mobile devices. The sky’s the limit!

Use Your Own Device

Protected by secure access and remote deactivation, CDM+ Mobile is an app available for download on any mobile device.

Mobile is where you are

Get secure, instantly updated access to your information on the go with CDM+ Mobile!

Discover what Mobile can do for your organization and download our informative PDF at the link below.

What can you do with CDM+ Mobile?

Features and functions

Check-In and Check-Out

Check-in individuals or entire families at once.

Switch to Kiosk mode and gain the added convenient option of offering self check-in.

Create attendance records automatically in CDM+ with every check-in.

Perform on-the-spot Check-Out and designate who is and who is NOT allowed to pick up children.

Configure requirements for matching scans between receipts and name badges for extra security.

Name badges and Photo ID

Create customizable, scannable name badges for quick and secure child care check-out.

Direct multiple check-in devices to share a printer or be distributed among multiple printers.

For added security, snap a quick photo on your phone and instantly update photo records of parents and children within your CDM+ database.

Create a simple and safe check-out environment by making it easy to to identify a parent or guardian.

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