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CDM+ Solutions Guide

CDM+ helps your whole organization collect, manage, and share information. No matter what the size of your organization, your needs now and in the future can be managed and streamlined with flexible plans options.

CDM+ Nonprofit Essentials

CDM+ Essential donor management tools are built to help grow, support, and connect nonprofit organizations. Accept online donations, create online event registrations, and stay up-to-date with year-end IRS compliant tax receipts.

Accounting Case Study

Fund Accounting, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Posting, Ledger, Budget, Automation, Chart of Accounts, and detailed reporting are just some of our features. Discover how CDM+ can help your organization grow and succeed.

Go Mobile with CDM+

Have you gone mobile? Discover what’s possible with CDM+ Mobile and download the app on your device today! The CDM+ Mobile app is a free download and included at no extra charge with CDM+ Cloud and all SAAS Plans.

Engage People

CDM+ Engage People gives your community online access to member photos, groups, and profiles, all seamlessly integrated with CDM+ Membership. Strengthen and grow your organization by keeping members engaged and connected.

COG Cleveland, TN

Streamline the process of submitting your Church of God Treasurer Report with CDM+. Simply enter attendance & contributions into your CDM+ database and automate your Treasurer Report submission to the Church of God International and State offices.

Giving Tuesday Events

The greatest way to show donation impact is by sharing stories by someone who received it or by someone who has experience within the type of mission you serve. The CDM+ platform can be used to create a wonderful virtual event to demonstrate this real world impact.

The Inspire Initiative

What is the Inspire Initiative? Engage your community with kindness and spread the message of your mission. Once the community gets acquainted with the works of your nonprofit, a lasting impact is created for the recipient, the giver and your mission.

“CDM+ has made our organization run much more smoothly with everything from event registration to accounting to facilities management. We are very happy that we have CDM+ as part of our church.”

Robert Franceski
Church Administrator, Hope Lutheran Church The Villages, FL

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