Electronic Payments

From the initial payment all the way to your ledger, CDM+ tracks the lifecycle of the gift, including when transactions fail.

Integrated Software, Integrated Transactions

Go Online and Save Time

Electronic payments allow your members and givers to quickly give or make payments online. You’ll even see quicker returns on invoices with online billing.

Easy To Apply

Included in every CDM+ plan is a merchant account through our partner, Stewardship.

There are no cancellation fees or additional monthly fees.

Secure Transactions

CDM+ tightly integrates with electronic payments.

Services like fraud detection and routine audits ensure you receive a best-in-class experience.

Competitive Fees

$0.30 per transaction plus 2.9% (Visa/MasterCard/Discover)

$0.30 per transaction plus 3.5% (American Express)

$0.30 per transaction plus 0.8% (eCheck/ACH)

$1.00 per batch plus $0.30 for each employee bank account (Payroll Direct Deposit)



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