Honor your stewardship with a complete and connected giving solution.

“I did a lot of research before investing my time into a new (for us) church software solution. I chose CDM+ because of it’s capabilities, it’s cost, and it’s support. I am happy to report that I made a great decision. I love it!”

Lorry McConnehey

Tech & Accounting Support for Compassion Christian Center, California

Easy Giving Entry

Whether it’s one gift or one thousand, CDM+ Contributions is finely tuned for quick and easy integrated contribution entry.

Rapid Finds & Shortcuts

Search and find your givers in record time. Load pledges and recurring gifts with shortcuts that help you avoid entering repeat data.

Memorial Gifts

Automatically create a memorial gift from a contribution.


Complete Integration

With CDM+ Contributions and Engage Giving working together, you’ll never import a gift from an online or text giving service again.

Online & In-Kind Gifts

Online Giving, Text Giving, Cash, and Check donations all save directly into one central CDM+ database.

Giving History

Engage Giving allow givers to review their complete giving—even cash and checks—online at any time.

Powerful Custom Reporting

A world of information at your fingertips. CDM+ Contributions software is a powerful tool for forecasting and analyzing your giving.

Personal Details

Customize your email and print communication with personalized details for each giver.

Versatile Recording

Record pledges that are simple or complex, single or multi-year.

Informative Tracking

Track actual giving vs. projected giving as you move through the year and make more informed financial decisions.

More Features & Functions

Contributions Entry

Quickly locate givers during data entry.

Preset funds and payment methods save time.

Use control methods to increase accuracy.

Post contribution deposits into Accounting.

Load recurring gifts when not using online giving.

User definable payment methods.


Unlimited contributions designations possible.

Easily handle tax-deductible as well as non-tax-deductible gifts.

Rename pledges to estimates, love offerings, etc.

Receipts & Statements

Email and/or print statements depending on the giver’s preferences.

Customize receipts with embedded fields, graphics, and rich formatting.

Record a history of letters and emails sent to givers.

Customize statements with logos, messages, and quarterly detail.

Fully compliant Canadian Receipts track sequential receipt numbers, handle replacement receipts, and prevent double-receipting gifts.

Memorial Gifts

Track memorial and honorary gifts.

See when and how a gift is used.

Automatically create a memorial gift from a contribution.

Engage Giving

Online gifts are entered automatically into CDM+ from Engage Giving.

Givers can access full giving history through Engage even without online giving.

Online giving posts directly to CDM+ Accounting without any re-entry.

Text Giving makes it quick and easy to give from any mobile device.


Manage the complexities of couples who want to give together, separately or businesses who give.

Track giving from visitors.

Can assign current and next year envelope numbers.

Easily merge givers, move youth and young adults to their own giving.

Organize givers into groups for targeted giving analysis or to assist in fund-raising.

Use connections to record relationships between givers, other individuals, business, etc. for gift development.

Pledging & Campaigns

Record simple and complex pledge schedules.

Track multiple, simultaneous campaigns.

Track multi-year commitments.

Manage seasonal offerings with giving funds.

Track giving by event or campaign.

Record expected pledges as well as actual pledges.

Historical Giving

View unlimited giving history for every giver.

Generate history for specific funds and time periods to analyze specific trends over time.

Graphing options give you an “at-a-glance” view of stewardship progress.

Giving history remains even when archiving detailed gifts to a historical database.

Rich Analysis

Search pledging and giving against demographic and attendance data to understand trends.

Track weekly giving and attendance statistics by event, class, and groups.

Compare expectations to actual contributions.

Grant authorized staff access to view an individual’s giving on the go from CDM+ Mobile.

CDM+ provides immediate access to a vast library of pre-made contribution reports and emails with a highly customizable report engine.

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