Manage individual information, create custom reports, and connect members online with CDM+ Membership

Manage all your member information in one place

CDM+ Membership software make it easy to manage member information and connect your congregation in a single integrated database.

record Rich details

Provide you and your staff with a rich database of unlimited member information such as:

    • photos
    • addresses
    • contact information
    • attendance
    • groups
    • family connections
    • and more
    online directory membership

    Turn your membership database into an online community hub

    CDM+ Engage People connects to your CDM+ Membership database and creates a live, online directory for your fellowship.

    Create a safe place for members to locate, contact information, reveal personal community skills and interests, and learn about small group opportunities offered by your organization.

    Small Groups

    Give group members easy access to member contact information for easier and safer group communication.

    Member Updated Directory

    Members can view and update photos, addresses, phone numbers, emails, family members, small groups, and more.

    Create more insightful membership reports powered by mobile tools

    CDM+ Mobile gives you the tools to update and allocate member resources that can help reveal meaningful data trends.

      • Update member information
      • Track attendance
      • Set important reminders
      • Share member information

      Customized Reports

      Create unlimited customized reports that show key information that matters to your organization.

      More features and functions

      Discover what’s possible with CDM+ Membership


      Use formal and personal names.

      Record life events.

      Take note of membership and spiritual milestones.

      Updated photos sync live to Mobile and Engage.

      Connections record any kind of relationship.


      Use connections to record any kind of familial relationship.

      Automatically swap address for snowbirds, summer homes.

      CASS and NCOA services are available.

      Organize families into shepherding/care groups.

      Duplicate record check at entry.


      Record visits to individuals & families.

      Set reminders for visitation follow up, birthdays, and anniversaries.

      Snooze and repeat reminders.

      Record visitation and pastoral notes from Mobile.

      Push notifications alert and mobilize your pastoral care team.


      Create online and printed directories.

      Use Avery®-compliant labels.

      Include logos on any report, including as a return address.

      Skip labels to use up partial sheets.

      Free-form designer for name badges.

      Birthday and anniversary listings.

      Custom report builder.


      Mark phones and emails unlisted to hide them on directories/Engage.

      Email an individual or send bulk.

      Embed fields in individual emails.

      Rich editor supports images, styling, links, and more.

      View history of sent communication.

      Re-send email, letter, and card notices with a click.


      Create unlimited numbers of groups.

      Record attendance and statistics for any group.

      Build a history of group enrollment, including term served and position.

      Manage groups anytime from CDM+ Mobile.

      Include leaders and meeting times on group reports.


      Rename built-in fields to fit your needs.

      Create relevant, unlimited codes and groups.

      Change terms like “individual” to “constituent.”

      Add unlimited user fields to store text, date, numbers, and files.


      Find and replace en masse.

      Merge and split records.

      Transfer, clone, and bulk assign groups.

      Bulk edit tools for phones, emails, & user-defined fields.

      Quicky promote school classes & grades.


      Search any field.

      Use related record to data-mine connected program.

      Find those with AND without connected records.

      Save, share, and re-use finds.

      Build complex searches with nested queries and boolean logic.

      Get connected

      Discover how CDM+ can help your organization grow and succeed.

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