CDM+ helps you manage members, create custom reports, and connect people online

“Having all the member information I could ever need all in one place is really helpful for what I do. There are so many reports you can pull from membership, contributions, etc…it’s incredibly powerful.”

Jillian Pruitt
Administrative Assistant, Immanuel Lutheran Church

Managing details

Find all the member information you need at the click of a button

Give your staff a rich database of information at their fingertips. CDM+ helps you locate, update, store, and share that important information whenever you need it most.

Manage names, addresses, phone, emails, attendance, photos, family connections, groups and much more.

Unlimited fields

Add unlimited user fields to store notes, important dates, multiple phone numbers, files or documents, etc

Address Changes

Automatically swap addresses for snowbirds with summer homes or families that have moved

Custom Reporting

Create unlimited customized reports that show key information that matters to your organization

Features built to serve your mission

Email Communication

Send invidual or bulk emails through CDM+ rich editor and view the history of sent communication.

Printed Directories

Create printed directories using Avery compliant labels & skip blank spots on partial sheets.

Group Statistics

Create an unlimited number of groups and build a history of group enrollment including attendance, term served, and position.

Complex Searches

Build complex searches with nested queries and boolean logic to save, share, and re-use.

Documents and Files

Upload important files and PDF documents to member records for easy search and finds in the future.

Grade Promotion

Quickly promote grades and update classes or groups each year.

Connecting people

Discover relationships and bonds to bring friends and family together

Groups can be created to represent different ministries or departments within the church, such as worship team, youth group, women’s ministry, or small groups. Connect individual member records with any sort of relationship from family connections to groups and giving.

Organize families into shepherding/care groups and create a clear course of action when you’re called into action.

Small Groups

Manage small groups, leaders, and staff to organize members and help communicate specific events and needs within your organization

Growing community

Turn your member database into a convenient online directory

CDM+ Engage People connects to your CDM+ database and creates a live, online directory for your fellowship.

Create an online portal for members to locate contact information, express skill sets or interests, and learn about small group opportunities offered within your organization.

Member Updated Directory

Members can view and update photos, addresses, phone numbers, emails, family members, small groups, and more.

The heart of your mission

Getting to know faces, names, and interests, helps foster a feeling of connection and spirit that can inspire your community to grow.

Discover what CDM+ Engage People can do for your organization and download our informative PDF at the link below.

Reaching further

Mobile gives you secure access to your information on the go

Mobile is where YOU are.

View contact information, take pastoral and visitation notes, or update photos right from your mobile device.

Take attendance and check-in child care, youth group, small groups, fundraisers, and more.

Set important reminders with push notifications so you never miss an important birthday, anniversary, or meeting again.

Use your Personal Device

Protected by secure access and remote deactivation, CDM+ Mobile is an app available for download on any mobile device.

Get started. Get connected.

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