CDM+ Engage Billing

Online Invoicing and Bill Pay

Online billing solutions for nonprofits and faith-based organizations

Get paid faster with integrated online invoices

Streamline your monthly administrative workload with CDM+ Engage Billing, an easy-to-use, mobile optimized portal for online billing and online bill pay.

Secure payments made by credit cards or ACH are instantly saved into CDM+ with no extra importing required.

Easy To Access

Customers log into CDM+ Engage Billing with the same username and password for directories and events

Simple To Use

Customers can view, pay, and print invoices from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device

Custom Rates

Your organization can set the add-on fees for credit cards and ACH payments

Convenient features

Create a safe and simple experience for invoicing and payments

Save time and reduce errors by eliminating imports and re-keying data from separate billing systems.

Dedicated Pay Window

Create a dedicated pay window or link to share for faster online payments

Secure Transactions

Transactions made through CDM+ Engage and safe and secure

Payment History

Payment history shows both online and in-person payments

Automated and online

Integrated functions designed for quick and easy billing

By sending invoices electronically you cut down on paperwork and manual billing entry. That’s a win for everyone.

Accepted payment methods are shared with giving and registrations already in your database.

It’s easier than ever to generate invoices for facilities usage and allow customers to make payments online.

Automatic Accounting

All online payments automatically settle into your accounting ledger

Credit Card Notifications

CDM+ will send a notification when a credit or debit card used for a recurring payment is about to expire

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