Check-In / Check-Out

Mark attendance, update ID photos, print name badges, and more with CDM+

“Excellent tech support combined with a powerful, proven software enables us to have an efficient check-in process.  Our Children’s Ministry raves about the seamless check-in process!”

Courtney Merkcamp
IT/Communication Coordinator, LifeSpring Church

Your complete solution for Check-In or Check-Out

Enhance safety at any event

CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out helps you streamline the process of tracking attendance, managing events, and ensuring security at Sunday School, church, daycare, group meetings, donor events, or community outreach.

Create name badges, parent pickup slips, drawing entry forms, etc.; the possibilities are endless.


CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out can be customized to meet the specific needs of your event or organization.

Solutions built to serve your mission

Staffed Check-In

Authorized staff can download the CDM+ mobile app on their own device for convenient mobile check-in.

Self Check-In

Switch to Kiosk mode and gain the added convenient option of offering self check-in.

Check-Out Alerts

Link care-givers to individuals and flag problematic individuals to help keep children safe.

Attendance Records

Attendance history is built with every Check-In.

Families and Groups

Check-in individuals or entire families at once.

Check-Out Scans

Check-out scans child and care-giver barcodes to ensure they match.

Using CDM+ Mobile for Check-In / Check-Out

Features and functions

CDM+ Mobile is a companion app that connects to your CDM+ database and offers a host of functions that make Check-In and Check-Out safe and simple.

The mobile app is a free download and included at no extra charge with CDM+ Cloud and all SAAS Plans.

Manage Unlimited check-in devices

Authorized staff can download the CDM+ mobile app on their own device for convenient check-in and check-out administration

Flexible & Private

No sensitive information is stored on mobile devices, so functionality can safely be limited to check-out only.

Put the power of Mobile to work for your organization

Mobile Check-In

Check-in individuals or entire families at once.

Switch to Kiosk mode and gain the added convenient option of offering self check-in.

Create attendance records automatically in CDM+ with every check-in.

Mobile Check-Out

Perform on-the-spot Check-Out and designate who is and who is NOT allowed to pick up children.

Configure requirements for matching scans between receipts and name badges for extra security.

Name Badges

Create customizable, scannable name badges for quick and secure child care check-out.

Direct multiple check-in devices to share a printer or be distributed among multiple printers.

Photo ID

For added security, snap a quick photo on your phone and instantly update photo records of parents and children within your CDM+ database.

Create a simple and safe check-out environment by making it easy to to identify a parent or guardian.

Configure your setup exactly as you need

Important details that matter

With CDM+ it’s simple to tailor your Check-In or Check-Out setup to match the feel and needs of your organization. Configure options for every event including barcodes, marking attendance, and manual entry.

Customize scannable name badges and make important Check-Out notes for added security.

Save time and save configurations for multiple events.

Insightful and accurate reporting

Print daily activity or active Check-In reports

Every Check-In builds an attendance history. You can use check-ins in church groups or donor events to identify new attendees or whose attendance is irregular and could use some extra attention.

Check-ins also let you to easily verify and update member or donor information.

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