Check-In / Check-Out

Take mobile attendance, update photos, and personalize your check-in and check-out with CDM+

“Excellent tech support combined with a powerful, proven software enables us to have an efficient check-in process.  Our Children’s Ministry raves about the seamless check-in process!”

Courtney Merkcamp

IT/Communication Coordinator, LifeSpring Church

Check-In/Check-Out is simple and secure with CDM+

A convenient way to ensure kids are safe when dropped off at Sunday School or daycare is to use CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out.

  • Offer on the spot check-in and check-out with CDM+ Mobile and keeps things moving.

Convenient & cost effective

Authorized staff can download the CDM+ mobile app on their own device for convenient check-in and check-out administration

Flexible & Private

No sensitive information is stored on mobile devices, so functionality can safely be limited to check-out only.

Customize your Check-In and Check-Out experience

Every little detail matters.

Create events in CDM+ that match your specific non-profit or church check-in and check-out guidelines.

Mobile and staffed check-in and check-out options give you the flexibility to create a secure and accessible system for any service, event, or situation.


Enhance Safety

Child care, classes, and events are safer and attendance records are more accurate with CDM+.

Custom Name Badges

Design and customize name badges and receipts to match your style and theme.

Discover trends within Check-In data that help strengthen your community

CDM+ Check-In automatically generates attendance and builds on your core membership database to put your data to work.

Use check-ins to identify people who are starting to attend or whose attendance is irregular and could use some extra follow-up.

    • Check-ins also allow you to easily verify and update member information if necessary.


    Capture visitor contact information for easy follow-up communication.


    Attendance history is built with every check-in.


    Link care-givers and flag problematic individuals to help keep your children safe.

    More features and functions

    Discover what’s possible with CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out


    Check into classes, meetings, groups, or events.

    Customize security checks for check-out.

    Can require matching parent/caregiver receipt.

    Can require pre-authorization for those allowed to check out.

    Flag individuals who are NOT allowed to check out others.

    Use Dymo® or any other small-form printer.

    Use sets to allow families to check into mixed events at the same time.


    Kiosk and staffed check-in available.

    Scan barcodes to initiate check-in.

    Automatically assign class based on enrollment.

    Name badges and receipts print to a central print station.

    Capture check-out in each class using staff devices.

    Check-out scans child and care-giver barcodes to ensure they match.

    Check-out only shows authorized individuals for check-out.

    Photos match names and faces throughout the process.


    Staffed check-in handles any situation.

    Easily add new visitors and members.

    Re-print missing name badges and receipts.

    Add and update photos.

    Verify and update information during check-in, such as contact information or school.

    Check individuals out and back in.

    Print a report of active check-ins.

    Print a report of daily activity.

    Check-In/Check-Out users do not count towards total user limit.

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