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Easy-to-use, mobile-optimized tools for online giving, building community, and strengthening connections

Mobile-Optimized Solutions for:

  • Member and Group Directories
  • Online Giving
  • Employee Self-Serve Payroll Access
  • Event Registration

Create An Online Photo Directory in Minutes
Then Keep Individual Photos Up-to-Date with CDM+ Mobile

Easily offer your members a readily-accessible and always up-to-date member directory.

These secure, private directories are available only to individuals in your CDM+ database and can be further restricted to particular groups you choose to publish online.

Administration is simple - Your members create their own logins from their device of choice.  



Your Privacy is Protected

You are in control


With CDM+ Engage and our other Web Ministry Tools, church administrators decide which groups to publish for its members on the church's website. Only church members can access your member data. They will create and use  a password-protected login generated from your church's CDM+ Membership program. The church and its members also have the choice to make certain personal information, or entire groups such as children's ministries, unlisted in church and group directories.

More Than An Online Church Directory

Members can connect on a personal level

Church directories help members connect with the church and with each other. Small groups make the experience more personal and relevant. The marriage of these trends is at the heart of CDM+ Engage.

Call 877-891-4236 or email sales@cdmplus.com to learn more.

Minimum Requirements

Core Membership program of CDM+ 10.1 or higher

Current CDM+ Data Hosting enrollment, and a subscription to Engage

Implementing Engage

For more about implementing CDM+ Engage on your church's website, consult the Engage manual on the CDM+ Knowledge Base.