Merchant Account with Stewardship Technology

For secure credit/debit card and ACH withdrawal processing, CDM+/Suran Systems partners with Stewardship Technology, a faith-based company serving only churches, charities and private schools. Stewardship Technology charges a one-time setup fee and a monthly fee to use their services. There is also a per-transaction fee, which differs according to the type of payment. In general, Stewardship Technology's fees are very reasonable compared with those of other merchant account providers.

In order to accept credit card, debit card, or ACH payments for online giving or event registration, you will need a merchant account with Stewardship Technology. You can download the documents you need to get started below. 

Stewardship Technology also provides the service for direct deposit payroll. An appendix to the merchant account application is required for the direct deposit payroll service.

Merchant Account Application and Other Documents

The application form for the merchant account is available here, along with the most current fee schedule from Stewardship Technology and the application appendix for direct deposit payroll.