Contacting CDM+ Support

The primary means of getting CDM+ technical support is to phone our toll-free Support line (see below). Users who have purchased CDM+ within the last 90 days or are currently enrolled in the annual Premier Support program have unlimited free calls. Other CDM+ users may also call the support line but need to have a credit/debit card ready to pay the $55/support issue fee. (No charge if the issue is a CDM+ bug.) Or you can choose to enroll in Premier Support at that time

When you call, we’ll ask for the mailing ZIP or postal code of your office to locate your record. In the rare event that you need to leave a message, be sure to identify yourself, the church by name and ZIP/postal code, and a phone number where we can reach you. Calls are generally returned in the order received. However, please tell the receptionist if you have an unusual time constraint.

New users and Premier Support members may also email for less urgent issues. Be sure to include your name, church name and location in the email. Please do not email to tell us that you need a callback; if it is outside support hours, call and leave a message.