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Website Intent

This is the corporate website for the CDM+ line of products from Suran Systems, Inc. The primary purposes of this site is to provide current and prospective users with information and support regarding CDM+ products and events.

Visitor Information

This site does not automatically store the visitor's IP address or other identifying information. Visitors may consciously elect to provide their contact information to Suran Systems, Inc. when requesting a download link to demo software, registering for training events or submitting other information to Suran Systems, Inc. Requests for visitor information are clearly marked as such.

Data Collection

Data collected by this site is held in strict confidence and is used for internal purposes only, including customer relations and direct sales by full-time Suran Systems, Inc. employees. Personal information, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses are never shared with outside organizations.

Contact Information

For additional information about CDM+, Suran Systems, Inc. or this website, contact:

CDM+ Website
Suran Systems, Inc.
PO Box 603
Versailles, KY 40383-0603
(859) 251-5236