One of the main purposes of church management system is to help a church honor the stewardship of its people, and CDM+ Contributions gives you powerful, yet easy-to-use, tools to help you do just that. The next time someone needs an up-to-date giving statement, just say, "What would you like that to include?" and then produce it—instantly!

Or, if a person just wants a giving history, now he or she can get it without even calling the church office. With Engage Giving or the Givers Portal web ministry tool, church members can login from any device to view their giving history and set up one-time or recurring gifts.

Your church members are used to shopping and banking online, and more and more people write very few checks and carry little cash. Providing online giving makes it easy and routine for people to give generously in support of your mission.

You can start accepting gifts in a matter of minutes with the online giving solutions built into CDM+, and you'll know that you're working with service providers that have your church's best intentions at heart. Plus, by automatically entering gifts into CDM+ Contributions and CDM+ Accounting, CDM+ saves you time spent processing cash/check donations and takes away the hassle of reconciling online gifts made through a third party.

Save time and increase accuracy

Reduce office stress the morning after your main service with Batch Contributions Entry.

Get the big picture

Use the graphing options of the Giving History view to tell at a glance how your stewardship program is progressing.

Produce virtually any giving report

Over 10,000 different designations of contributions are possible!

Track giving estimates

Record expected giving or "pledges" and compare them to actual contributions.

Manage memorial gifts

Track memorial and honorary gifts and see exactly when and how a gift is used.

Manage multiple giving campaigns

Keep track of multiple campaigns that occur simultaneously as well as those with multi-year commitments.

Easily manage seasonal offerings

Use Giving Fund Sets to manage offerings that happen infrequently or seasonally.