CDM+ Mobile keeps you connected to your members for ministry on the go.

Newest Release: CDM+ Mobile 2.1

Visit the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon AppStore to download the latest version.

CDM+ Mobile is a companion app to CDM+, a complete data management solution for churches and non-profit organizations. With CDM+ Mobile and our Data Hosting Service, you can connect to your data in meaningful and useful ways wherever you are.

Tasks you can complete with your mobile device include:

  • View information on individuals in your CDM+ database
  • Text, call or email those individuals from your mobile device
  • See and act on reminders you've created for yourself or those assigned to you by team members
  • Receive Push Notifications for reminders on your device of choice
  • Enter and view pastoral or visitation notes
  • Record attendance for any gathering or group
  • Send email or text messages to an entire group at once
  • Instantly add or update individual photos in your CDM+ database 
  • Update contact information on individual records in your CDM+ database

Combine CDM+ with Check-In/Check-Out for a more secure child check-in experience, or use it to setup self check-in stations for older youth and adults. You provision each device for its intended use, so you are always in control of who can view or change information in your hosted CDM+ database.  

CDM+ Mobile 2.1 requires CDM+ 10.0* or later and current enrollment in our Data Hosting service (*some mobile features may be available only with later releases of CDM+). CDM+ Mobile 2.1 works with any iDevice running iOS 9.0 or higher or any device running Android 5.0 or later. Data Hosting, free updates to the latest version of CDM+, and the CDM+ Mobile app are included in every CDM+ Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) plan.