Make the Move to CDM+ Data Hosting

Are you running CDM+ without Data Hosting? The summer months are a great opportunity to discover the convenience of our hassle-free hosting service included in every CDM+ Plan at no extra cost.

Make the move to hosting and use CDM+ as you always have. There is no learning curve, and you get all the benefits listed below.

Contact our support team to make the move today and take full advantage of your CDM+ subscription.


Data Hosting gives you the flexibility to work remote from any internet-connected computer. 

  • Give yourself 24/7 access to your CDM+ data no matter where you are.
  • Hosting makes installation on a new computer a breeze.
  • Automatic server upgrades 

CDM+ was built to connect.


Computer crash? Laptop lost or stolen? No need to worry. CDM+ stores your information in daily, secure, off-site backups, for easy data recovery.

We have your back.


A typical boarding takes under an hour, so simply contact us to schedule a convenient time and we’ll perform the transfer while you’re on the phone.

It’s that easy.

Call (800) 633-9581 or email to schedule your move today.

Have Questions?

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