Mobilize Your Staff and Volunteers

With the arrival of Fall comes an increase in events and attendance. Whether you’re in-person or online, CDM+ Mobile can make important everyday church administration faster, easier, and help keep your congregation safer.

Have you gone mobile?

  • Crowd-source attendance by giving staff and volunteers the ability to take mobile attendance for worship service, childcare, events, and small groups.
  • Attendance records are filed instantly to your CDM+ database with a simple tap.
  • Enhance childcare safety with Check-in/Check-out on staff and volunteer mobile devices.
  • Configure your system to require matching scans between receipts and name badges for extra security.
  • Update contact information for parents, guardians, children, and small group members.
  • Snap a photo on your phone and update CDM+ photo records on the fly throughout the entire system.
  • Set push notifications and reminders to help you stay in touch and care for those in need.

With CDM+ you can create unlimited customized mobile setups giving you the ability to grant or restrict specific access on every device. You’re in control.

Download CDM+ Mobile

Get started today and download CDM+ Mobile on your mobile device at one the links below. CDM+ Mobile is included in every CDM+ SAAS and CLOUD plan at no extra cost.

Go Mobile

Not on a CDM+ SAAS or CLOUD plan? Call (877) 891-4236 or email to learn how you can make the move

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