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At the heart of every faith-based and nonprofit organization is a story of commitment to mission and community. CDM+ Fund Accounting is designed to enrich your story with tools and solutions that help you achieve greater transparency to demonstrate good stewardship.

  • Fund Accounts – Increase accountability by providing clear segmentation of finances that honor your givers’ support for your mission.
  • Mission-Oriented Terms – CDM+ utilizes nonprofit accounting terms that help ensure clear communication when planning and reporting (e.g. no profit and loss, but income and expense).
  • Insightful Reporting for Strategic Decision Making – CDM+ gives your power to generate a wide range of accounting reports that help you stay within budget and assist in planning for next year.
  • Tax Reporting and Payroll (including Clergy) – CDM+ provides all the great accounting features you’d expect like integrated year-end tax reporting, automatic annual updates to tax tables, and full clergy payroll support.
  • Giving Tracking – Keep detailed records of contributions in CDM+ for precise tracking of giver restrictions, designations, and preferences, while also enabling integrated online giving for streamlined giver management.

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