CDM+ Engage Events

Online Registration Forms and Payments

“CDM+ event registration makes it possible to keep up with all the registration information and print reports for the nurses, cabin leaders, and everyone else trying to manage our summer camps.”

Joyce Williams
Church Administrator, North Georgia Church of God State Office

Online registration for nonprofit and faith-based organizations

Increase giver or donor engagement

Create a seamless online registration experience for your members or donors with no extra work for staff.

CDM+ Engage Events you can offer 24/7 online event reservation and accept online payments that integrate with your CDM+ database.

No syncing or searching for data to import from a third party platform.

Engage Events payment

Online Access

CDM+ provides an easy-to-use, mobile optimized online portal for event signups.

Online Payments

Registrants can make full or partial payments through CDM+ Engage Events.

Email Communication

Send out emails for registrations, event updates, and follow-ups.

QR Codes

It’s easier than ever to promote fundraisers, volunteer signups, or VBS with with QR codes.

Designed for any type of event or gathering

CDM+ Engage Events make it easier than ever to bring people together

Monitor Capacity

Easily monitor and set capacity limits on individual events and stay on top of popular activities.

Print Event Badges

Print name badges with information such as activities, allergies, photos, and more.

Reports and Planning

Event reports offer valuable insights for planning future events in the future.

Online forms with the details that matter to you

Custom fields, reporting, and profiles help streamline event management

Unlimited Form Customization

Create unlimited custom form fields for any information you need including dietary needs, shirt size, medication, etc.

Custom Registration Profiles

Registrants can register as a guest or create their own Engage profile for future gatherings.

Event Reports

Print registration documents based on event and activity and look beyond the numbers.

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